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INTERNATIONAL and ETHNICCostumes from around the world; Arabian, harem and belly dancer, Mexican, Hawaiian,

INW02 <br>International Costumes <br>Spanish / Mexican Woman
INW08 <br>Ethnic Costumes <br>Mexican Peasant Woman
INW12 <br>Etnic Costumes <br>Spanish Lady Costume
INW25 <br>International Costume <br>Spanish Senorita Costume <br>Black or Red
INW28 <br>Show Girl Costumes <br>Carmen Miranda
INW30 <br>Ethnic Costumes <br>Alpine Girl
INW36 <br>International Costumes <br>Oktoberfest Girl
INW42 <br>Ethnic Costumes <br>European Peasant Girl
INW43 <br>Ethnic Costumes <br>Bavarian Maiden
INW45 <br>Japanese Costume <br>Women's Kimona <br>Asst. Colors
INW49 <br>International Costume <br>Black and White Kimona
INW51<br>Woman's Kimona<br>Samauri Princess
INW52 <br>Ethnic Costumes <br>Deluxe Kimona <br>Geisha Girl
PLW465 <br>Madame Butterfly<br>Plus sized 16 - 20
INW55 <br>International Costume <br>Chinese Costume <br>Asian Lady
INW70 <br>Ethnic Costume <br>Adult Bollywood Costume
INW73 <br>India Woman Costume <br>Indian Sari <br>Pink or Orange
INM05 <br>Mexican Costumes <br>Mariachi with Conchos
INM30 <br>International Costume <br>Scottish Lad Costume
INM35 <br>International Costume <br>Canadian Mountie Costume
INM135<br>Ethnic Costumes<br>Samurai Man Costume
INM141<br>Internatioal Costumes<br>Chinese Dynasty Man
INM156<br>Man's Japanese Costume<br>Samurai Warrior
INM160<BR>International Costume<BR>Japanese Men's Robe
INM76 <br>Ethnic Costume <br>The King I Am
SBK50**  Prince Aladdin Costume
MHT70 <br>Man's Ethnic Headpiece <br>Cloth Turban
INM85 <br>Ethnic Costume <br>Deluxe Sultan Costume
INM90 <br>Ethnic Costume <br>Gentleman of India Costume