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CAPES, CLOAKS<BR> COATS and ROBESCapes and cloaks from any time period. Hooded capes, long or short: Renaissance capes to Victorian cloaks, Capes for Kings and capes for Vampires

CC49<br>Womans Robe<br>Vintage Hollywood<br>Satin and Marabou
CC91<br>Faux Fur Cape<br>Ermine Stole
CC95<br>Capes and Cloaks<br>Mystery Lady Capelette
CC121<br>Medieval Cape<br>Medieval Maiden Cape
CC125<br>Hooded Cape<br>Grey Faux Fur Trim
CC129<br>Hooded Cape<br>Green with Fur Trim
CC225 <br>Capes and Cloaks <br>Medieval Warriors<br>Fur Covered Cape
CC241<br>Capes and Cloaks<br>Medieval Fantasy <br>Brown Faux Fur
CC265<br>Capes and Cloaks<br>Medieval Fantasy<br>Black Faux Fur
CC294<br>Capes and Cloaks<br>Medieval Velvet Cape<br>Fully Reversible
CC315 <br>Full Length Cape <br>Vampire Cape <br>Satin Lined
CC319 <br>Cape with Collar <br>Midnight Carnival <br>Black with Red
CC325<br>Reversible Satin Cape<br>Opera Cape<br>Black and White
CC334 <br>Full Length Velvet <br>Satin Lining <br>Asst Colors
CC349<br>Hooded Cape<br>Full Length Velvet<br>Tucked Satin Lining
CC357<br>Hooded Cape<br>Full Length<br>Black Pin Tuck
CC361<br>Hooded Cape<br>Coffin Cape<br>Black and Red
CC375 <br>Hooded Capes <br>Crushed Velvet <br>Asst Colors
CC384<br>Hooded Cape<br>Camelot Cape<br>Green
CC386<br>Hooded Cape<br>Camelot Cape<br>Blue
CC389<br>Hooded Cape<br>Christmas Cape<br>Red and White
CC412<br>Hooded Capes<br>Autumn Velvet Cape<br>Full Length
CC421<br>Hooded Cape<br>Mystic Cape<br>Full Length
CC425<br>Hooded Cape<br>Velvet Full Length<br>Skull Trimmed
CC445 <br>Costume Capes <br>Celtic Cross <br>Black Velour
CC523 <br>Victorian Cape<br>Lace Trimmed <br>Black or Burgundy
CC535 <br>Velvet Capes <br>Victorian Floral Lace <br>Black and Burgundy
CC545<br>Velvet Capes<br>Victorian Lace Cape<br>Blue or Red
CC568<br>Hooded Cape<br>Full Length, Sheer<br>Light Grey
CC575<br>Hooded Cape<br>Sheer Chiffon<br>Full Length
CC579<br>Hooded Cape<br>Sheer Chiffon<br>Medium Length
CC582<br>Hooded Cape<br>Lt Grey Chiffon<br>Medium Length
CC585<br>Capes and Cloaks<br>Rainbow Cape
CC595 <br>Short Hooded Capes <br>Red Riding Hood
CC615<br>Short Capes<br>Economy Capes<br>Asst colors
CC655<br>Short Capes <br>Double Shoulder <br>Black Only
CC715 <br>Mens Period Cloaks <br>Victorian Cloak
CC745 <br>Mens Victorian Cloak  <br>Dicken's Period Coat
CC765 <br>Period Cloaks <br>Victorian Double Cloak
CC785<br>Capes and Cloaks<br>Sherlock Holmes Coat
CC795 <br>Men's Period Coat <br>Bumble Coat
CC815 <br>Costume Ponchos <br>Western Poncho <br>Asst ColorsCC835 <br>Costume Robes <br>Wizard Robes <br>Dark Sorcerer
STWR38<br>Star Wars Cape<br>Super Deluxe Jedi Robe